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Accelerating Product Availability

The Center will perform advanced development with the goal of accelerating vaccines and other medical products through pre-clinical and clinical development to licensure and production. This will assure that necessary vaccines and countermeasures are available to the nation in the quantity needed, at the precise time of need, while assuring uncompromised safety and effectiveness.

In addition to meeting the nation’s biosecurity needs, this capability can also be utilized by academic and commercial scientists to facilitate development of new vaccines and biological drugs for diseases such as cancer and diabetes, as well as for globally significant infectious diseases like malaria and HIV/AIDS. The modular and flexible technologies implemented at the NCTM are ideal not only for expediting the pace of clinical research but also for enabling production of multiple products simultaneously within a single facility.  The modular technology ensures that the production of all products are managed in self-contained environments eliminating the potential for cross contamination.

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